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Beth Campagna

Over the years, my long standing client Beth Campagna from Mama Life London has done over ??? shoots with me. Her brand sells slogan clothing items so most of our shoots are either lookbooks or for e-commerce but within those I have often taken portraits of her to share on her website and social media. Sharing the person or at least the story beind a brand is so important (click here to read why) and in showing her identity to her customers, she has created a strong connection with them.

Below are a selection of images of Beth I have taken over the years that show her identity as a woman, mother, business owner and more.

If you’re looking to inject some personal identity into your company, get in contact and I can create content that will instantly connect you with your ideal customer.

Portrait Photography
Portrait Photography

I love working with Alex.

We’ve built a great relationship, as I have now used Alex many times.

She is superb at giving direction and with a background in fashion she is perfect for my clothing brand.

– Beth Campagna

Professional photographer and videographer