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Professional photographer and videographer

photo: Tom Barton Photography


Alexandra Rose Maceachern Alex Mac




Cheltenham, UK


Journalling, making an occasion out of anything, chiaroscuro lighting, early mornings


Lying and dishonesty, spicy food, wasting time, animals being mistreated

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Although I believe my work speaks for itself, I wanted to let you know a little about my background, hobbies and interests so you can get to know me.

I have a background in photography, illustration, and specifically fashion design, having studied this at University. I did my dissertation on the psychology of perception and through this gained an understanding of how we see people and objects and how this makes us feel. Because of this, I am able to capture your individuality in each shoot. I encapsulate and enhance the intricate details to provide the exact result you’re after, as I understand how the smallest of details can have a huge impact on the viewer.

I can also be found intertwining my photography and drawing, adding lines and detail to my images to incorporate two of my favourite tools –  the pen and the camera. This allows me to find a fun balance between what is in an image and, with a little imagination, what could be.

It’s important to me to be flexible in my work because I want to encourage a healthy work/life balance for myself and my clients. This is why I’ve always worked around my clients, and will ensure I am as flexible as possible for you.

When I’m not focusing on my photography I can be found on mini adventures with my boyfriend, enjoying tea and cake in a little cafe, or simply cosying up on the sofa with our kittens (see background picture for our little family!) That or idly staring at people I think would be a great model for my photography!

I always wanted to work for myself and knew I wanted to share my passion and talent. I have terrible imposter syndrome, which I’m working on, but I have overcome my own mental health struggles, and my passion for photography has really helped with this.

I truly believe we can all blossom in darkness as long as we find the right components.

The benefits of using Alex Mac Creation


I’ve worked in creative industries my whole life - from fashion design to makeup and hair. This means I have a strong eye for creativity. I like to think outside of the box, creating unique and dynamic photos that burst with imagination.


I collaborate with the people I shoot. Not everyone feels at home in front of a camera! So, I’ll guide you through what I feel will work for your brief, take your ideas, and support you to feel comfortable during the process.


Client satisfaction is really important to me. I’ll never consider a job finished until you are 100% happy with the work I’ve done. I’ll edit and re-edit if necessary! I want clients to be as excited about the result as I am.


I offer high-quality photos and content at reasonable prices. I don't believe beautiful photos should be a luxury, rather that everyone can access them at at an affordable rate. It’s important to me that no matter who you are, you have access to exceptional photography.


I’m also deadline and process driven. I value personal organisation. So, I always try to get things turned around as quickly as possible. There’s no waiting around for months for the finished result. With me, most shoots have a maximum process time of 2 weeks or less.

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Professional photographer and videographer

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Professional photographer and videographer

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Professional photographer and videographer

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