Sunflower fields, Cotswold Farm Park



Cotswold Farm Park

A widow coach is definitely not the most common career but after Karen’s husband sadly passed away a few years back, she found a way through it by helping other women in a similar position.

We wanted to take photos that would represent not only herself but her brand too. As the last bunch of flowers he bought Karen was sunflowers, she used this symbol in her branding as a subtle but sweet nod to her husband’s memory. Because of this, we couldn’t resist visiting the beautiful sunflower fields at Cotswold Farm Park in the summer to get some shots that would perfectly fit with her aesthetic.

When you first meet Karen, you immediately warm to her and her wonderful personality. For this reason, I wanted to ensure the photos showed this side of her because, as sad as the situation is that pushed her into this industry, she remains smiling and positive and encourages others to follow suit.

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“Alex is a lovely girl and immediately puts you at ease, relaxing you into your photoshoot.

She has lots of creative ideas and knows what it is you’re wanting to do when you discuss the shoot with her, giving you ideas and examples of what she can achieve.

I was really happy with my photos and have booked in a follow up session with her for my social media shots which I’m really excited about.”

– Karen Sutton