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The Painswick Hotel, Painswick

Stroud Registration Office, Stroud


Dan and Aya

On the 20th September 2021, Dan and Aya got married in a little town called Stroud in the beautiful Cotswolds. Like many, it was a Covid wedding meaning not everyone they’d hoped to see them tie the knot could be there.

Dan from Gloucestershire in the UK and Aya from Nagahama in Japan had originally decided to have two weddings, one in the UK and the other in Japan where all guests could attend until the couple realised Aya’s family wouldn’t be able to make it over. The wedding was therefore small but intimate and so full of love.

Fortunately, they will be still having a second wedding in Japan soon so I’m hoping to be able to head there for that as a guest this time as they are both my friends as well as clients!

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