product Photography

Professional product images to elevate your brand and draw in your customers

Professional product photography

My creativity is what sets me apart from other product photographers. You need more
than just standard white-background shots if you want to grab your customers’ attention
and stand out online. So, I like to put a creative spin on everything I do in order to help you get the attention and sales you deserve.

Selling products is currently more competitive than ever before! Not to mention how many retailers are crushing it on social media. So, if you feel like you’re constantly being
outshone by other competitors, or if you feel your product catalogue could do with a
creative twist, I can help!


You want stand-out imagery but don’t have the time, skills or equiptment to do your own photography?

post engagement

Are you struggling to get engagement with your product photos on social media?

high-end photography

Do your product photos look amatur because you’ve been using your phone?

authentic imagery

You don’t feel that your product photos accurately portray what you want to say about your


Showcase the true essence of your product, whilst also reflecting your brand identity

Increase sales by hiring a professional photographer who knows all the right ways to show off your product

Creatively and tastefully improve your business website with product photos

Save yourself time and hassle taking 100s of photos on your phone to get the ‘right one’, by using a professional

Focus on actually selling your product, whilst Alex Mac Creation gets on with taking unique photos of your products





Alex has shot images for the brand for the last few years and we have never been disappointed with either her content or work ethic.

Alex really immerses herself into capturing the theme of the images to rave reviews and her work with us has featured in high-end publications and London Fashion Week.

We hope to continue our working relationship with Alex for years to come. We thoroughly recommend her services as a highly-skilled product and editorial photographer.”

Mama Life London


“I love working with Alex.

We’ve built a great relationship, as I have now used Alex many times.

She is superb at giving direction and with a background in fashion she is perfect for my clothing brand.

Pretty Miserable


I shot all my content with Alex for the launch of my own sweater brand and she is absolutely incredible.

She made my whole vision come to life and delivered INCREDIBLE pictures. I couldn’t be happier plus she is an amazing girl and amazing to work with.

the process

Product photography styles to suit any need – standard white background shots, location shoots, creative scenarios or prop work. Whatever style you’d like to achieve, we can collaborate together to create some beautiful content.

Introductory meeting
I spend time really getting to know you and your company before the shoot to get a sense of its personality and feel.

Moodboard creation
I’ll go away and make a moodboard of similar photos and styles to make sure we’re on the same page.

2-3 hour photo shoot
This either can be done at my studio in Cheltenham where I can control the lighting, background and use of props, or I’m also happy to travel to a location and bring my kit to shoot if you have somewhere specific in mind.

Photo finishing
All photos will be edited in a variety of black & white and colour.

Photo delivery
Photos sent via memory stick or transfer – there’s no limit to the amount of photos you’ll receive. I’ll simply send all of the ones that come out well. As who am I to decide which shots you’ll like best!

my promise to you

Affordable, unique and creative product photography


Flexiblity, efficiency and awareness that your time is important


A personal touch to ensure I fully understand your brand

For high-quality professional brand photography for your business